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  •  About Us

    SpongResume was established by a diverse set of individuals with a range of experiences spanning Human Resource, Information Technology, Engineering, Marketing, Administration, and Business Development. This diverse expertise enables us to have a clear understanding of the needs of job seekers, companies, new graduates, students, and to offer a powerful and user-friendly online resume builder solution to the traditional job search process.

    As we know that writing a quality and impressive resume can be difficult and time consuming, our ultimate goal is to create a web-based resume builder that allows you to fully focus on the content without having to worry about the format of your resume. To make sure that the SpongResume consistently delivers on this goal; our software development team will continue to monitor and improve SpongResume system making it the finest resume builder on the net.

  • About Us By Mr. Spong

  •  What is Spong Resume?

    SpongResume is an advanced web-based resume builder designed to deliver a great user experience while making it simple to create professional-looking resume. It is a powerful tool that allows you to focus your energy on building content instead of struggling with your word processor to get it to display right.

    By using SpongResume you are able to access to our professional designed resume templates, switch back-and-forth between templates and languages, create resume with and without personal photo, get step-by-step advice and example while working on each section, preview and print out your resumes, download your resume in PDF and Word format, setup a resume webpage with a unique URL, create and store resume up to 50 versions, manage your resume in our highly protected database.